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Navigate deep through the Amazon Rainforest onboard one of the most luxurious River Cruises in the World.

Premium Light
3-Star & 4-Star Hotels & Lodges

The Premium Light category has been created to host Hotels & Accommodations that have excellent and impeccable basics. These will always count with good and centric locations, in or near the historic and trending areas within the destinations visited.

Whether you prefer to stay in modern installations in an antique colonial palace in Cusco or to enjoy an amazing amazon cabin under the stars in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, we have it.

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4-Star & 5-Star Hotels & Lodges

The Premium Comfort category is designed to host Hotels & Accommodations with great centric locations, superior facilities, standards and amenities.

Stay lakeside in Puno and view the sunrise from your room or enjoy a relaxing experience in front of the astonishing Gocta Waterfalls in Chachapoyas.

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5-Star Hotels & Lodges

The Hotels and Lodges within the Premium Luxury category count with excellent local and international cuisine, top-of-the line guest services, amazing views, and first-class accommodations & amenities. You will be able to find comfort and cozyness around every corner.

Stay in a luxurious colonial room with original Inca wall in the heart of Cusco or enjoy a night high above the Amazon canopy in a magnificent Treehouse.

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Unique 5-Star Hotels & Lodges

The brands and collections featured in this category are located in unique areas with views to monuments, natural landmarks or are the monument itself. Here you will also find All Inclusive first-class River Cruises that sail throughout the Amazon River.

Relax in your room at the top of the mountain, next to Machu Picchu, in an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime experience or observe the pristine natural wonder of the Amazon river from your cabin in the world renowned Aria Cruise.

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